Fake Nokia N8 from China

September 13, 2013 – 09:21
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The special features and specifications of Fake Nokia N8 -

  • Dual Camera, photoflash lamp
  • Weighs 144grams
  • Proprietary Operating system
  • 3.3-inch Touch LCD screen
  • Single SIM slot and supports WAP, GPRS, SMS, MMS
  • Memory Slot Type: Transflash TF up to 8GB in size
  • MP3, TV tuner, Voice recording, Fm radio etc

Video of Fake Nokia N8 Hands on -

Price information is not yet available, but the chinese products will be always cheaper. What’s your opinion about this Nokia N8 Faked from China ?

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Everything but yo mama - for now, anyway

2007-04-08 19:15:38 by cryptological

Having sampled dirt-cheap pirated goods in Asia, I've often wondered how the hell they could turn a profit, no matter how low their costs are. Maybe they actually don't make a profit after all.
Counterfeit cars - too fuckin' funny
Copying in China goes far beyond fake DVDs, watches and handbags. “We can copy everything except your mother,” goes a saying in Shanghai. Soy sauce with fizzy water passed off as Pepsi, fake Cisco network routers (known as “Chisco's”) and mobile phones that look like the latest offerings from Nokia can all be easily found

New iPhone 5C seen as too costly for most Chinese  — The Japan Times
BEIJING – Apple's lower-cost iPhone 5C will retail for more than $700 in China, putting it out of reach of most consumers and raising questions over the firm's ability to build sales in the world's biggest mobile market.

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  • Avatar Bayern4Life Where can I find the directory of importers, wholesaler, suppliers for my online business?
    Mar 08, 2010 by Bayern4Life | Posted in Other - Business & Finance

    I need suppliers of consumer electronics & mobile phones that will sell to me at wholesale prices in the US, i have wholesalers from china but the language barrier is tough.

    • I did the same thing as you a few years ago. Honestly, if you google "China Wholesale" you will find some big suppliers on the first page results, all of them have good english speaking staff, this is my recommendation. However, you could look at s popular wholesale directory, like for example, and try to find some on there. But if I recall you need to be a member to really dig into their site data and that still would not help …