Vodafone Pocket 6500000000 $ with China Mobile for sale

September 8, 2010 – 04:42
Pictures of best china mobile for sale/xchange..pinpack Vodafone generated $ 6500000000 (4200000000) in cash after the sale amounted to 3.2% of China's largest mobile operator mobile phone operator in China.

This is the largest telecommunications company sales in the UK-based holding of non-strategic.

Buyers goals, many are not yet identified, perhaps. The 643m shares traded in Hong Kong and offers a discount of 3.4% registered at the market price.

Suddenly, a new offering price weighed on shares of Chinese companies, which ended the day 3.8%.

The normal daily turnover of shares in China Mobile is 21m, but Vodafone settings, this number can be increased to 740.

Continue cooperation

The company said it would return 70% of net income to shareholders through share repurchase.

remaining revenue is used to reduce group net debt.

Newbury-based Vodafone initially invested in China Mobile in 2000 and he said, both companies will continue to work together in areas such as roaming, network development roadmap, multinational clients and green technology.

"The transaction reaches twice the initial investment of only Vodafone Mobile, China and other portfolio strategy that combines continued our partnership with leading telecommunication companies in China, " said Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao.

Source: elaang.blogspot.com

Against "First Sale" Copyright

2010-12-13 13:37:53 by oroso78

The Supreme Court on Monday said Costco could be liable for copyright infringement for selling foreign-made watches without the manufacturer’s authorization.
The high court — ruling 4-4, with Justice Elena Kagan recused — was interpreting the so-called “first-sale” doctrine (.pdf) of U.S. copyright law. Until Monday’s ruling, the doctrine was thought to allow the purchaser of a copyrighted work to re-sell the work without the copyright holder’s permission. That’s why we have used bookstores, record stores, GameStop (

China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) (CHL): Buy China Mobile Before Apple Deal Is ..  — Seeking Alpha
It seems highly likely that China Mobile (CHL) will announce a distribution partnership with Apple (AAPL) in the near future. The evidence for such a deal has escalated recently and is getting substantive.

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