5 Insider Predictions for China’s Mobile Internet

July 19, 2015 – 11:31 am
Chinese Internet Use Surges Past 450 Million People In 2010 : The

1) Crisis is an Opportunity for Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba…

Sequel of the past crisis, 2012 will have a similar bitter flavor, with a twist. With IPOs overseas halted for quite a while, and the ichinastock (index tracking stocks of overseas-listed Chinese companies) underwater, 2012 will be a year of strategic investments and M&A consolidation by the “big boys” (the Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and Shandas of the world) investing heavily or providing exits to VCs by scooping up innovative mobile startup in different sectors such as gaming, geolocation & discovery, mobile advertising & search and e-commerce spaces. 2012 also be a year where the dearth of good and well-trained mobile developers and business development teams will be felt.

– Bruno Bensaid, Founder & Partner at Shanghaivest

2) Mobile Payment Improves, Opens Doors

1. Mobile payment issues are expected to partly solved in early 2012, which will greatly enhance the profitability of mobile apps, especially mobile e-commerce apps and O2O apps, and there will be significantly more innovative projects in this field. Online publishing and sales, promoted by Dangdang and Jingdong, are expected to be launched in scale next year.

2. The popularity of Pads will provide new opportunities mobile game developers.

3. On the basis of Android system, China’s domestic mobile phone brands (i.e. Xiaomi phone) will have the chance to compete with foreign brands. The dominance of foreign brands in the customization market will be challenged.

- Xu Jiarong, Co-Founder at Chinese Founders Fund

3) Weixin will become the QQ IM of mobile

Weixin will become the dominant messenger, the social layer in mobile. Weixin will become the hub for all of Tencent’s other mobile services, including games. Tencent is already ahead of the curve in developing content for smartphones, and Weixin will cement its leadership.

-Kai Lukoff, TechRice.com (yours truly)

4) Windows Phone 8 as the Third Horse

I predict that in Q4/12 HTML5 hype will be overshadowed by the rise of WP8 for mobile. WP8’s launch will solidify MSFT as the clear third horse in the smartphone ecosystem race. RIM’s launch of Blackberry 10 devices will occur even later and be more poorly-received than their current revision to mid 2012.
– Niccolo de Masi, CEO at Glu Mobile

5) Android for the Win, Globally

Android will be an undisputed leader by far, by end of 2012.With device reaching mass-market price points across developing markets in Asia and Africa, by end of 2012, Android ecosystem globally will dwarf all other smartphone ecosystems combined and that will gravitate global developers, publishers and content players towards Android, making it an even more natural choice for consumers, OEMs, telecom operators and all other players across the value-chain.
– Atul Satija, VP & MD of Asia-Pacific at InMobi

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Source: techrice.com

Off-shoring Common Sense

2004-04-02 14:44:28 by GoneWithTheWorld

An article called Off-shoring Common Sense by Alan Tonelson caught pro-offshorers in an embarrassing situation that illustrates how deep the problem has grown. Excerpt:
Desperate to convince readers that sending [service] jobs to India "isn’t just taking American jobs, it’s also making them," Friedman uncritically cites an Indian businessman’s observation that many of the products used by his call center company are American: Compaq computers, Microsoft software, Lucent phones, Carrier air conditioners, Coca Cola-brand bottled water

O'Bagy, where art thou?: Can a 26-year-old be a Syria 'expert'?  — Daily Caller
But I can't help thinking we have gotten away from honoring the wisdom that comes with age and experience (traveling to Syria multiple times and reading books are not an adequate substitute).

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