China Unicom Prepaid 3g sim card with data & voice, for iPhone 4s micro sim card , iPhone 5 nano sim card, iPhone 4 micro sim card, Samsung Galaxy S3 micro sim card

January 31, 2015 – 05:04 am
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How to check the remaining data / airtime / text with my package allowances?

Via Text Message

Within Mainland China, Text 2082 to 10010 (free of charge), you will receive a Chinese Text message similar as below : Send text 2082 to 10010, you will receive a message in Chinese similar as "截止6月4日,您当月的套餐余量信息如下:3G上网流量值,优惠总和300.00MB,优惠已用35.00MB,优惠剩余265.00MB;3G语音电话,优惠总和240分钟,优惠已用40分钟,优惠剩余200分钟 ............................................." In English it means, "Till June 4, you data usage is 35.00MB and the remaining data allowance is 265.00MB; your domestic outgoing airtime is 40 minutesand the remaining outgoing airtime allowance is 200 mins.........."

How to refill China Unicom Prepaid 3G sim cardYou can easily add money to your account in a number of ways:

1. Use recharge voucher Yikachong from China Unicom ( available at nationwide kiosks & newpaper stands)

Call to refill

Dial toll free number 10011 (in Shanghai) or 02110011 ( in other places of Mainland China) using your cellphone and follow the voice prompt.

Dial toll free number 66110011 in Hong Kong.

Dial +86 21 10011 at overseas using your local phone. Pay International long distance charge

For example, dial 10011 - (you will hear voice in Chinese about 15 seconds long. After the voice is over, ) - Press 2 for English - Press 1 for recharge.

2. Refill online at our store

>> Top up

3. Visit China Unicom's stores

1. How about 3G coverage? 3G Coverage is over 99% of China population. Coverage is almost everywhere except rural part of Tibet & Xinjiang.

2. Do I need to cancel the Package after leaving China? If I DON'T cancel it, will I be charged later?

No need to cancel it. You will not be charged later. Just throw it away and let it expire.

3. Can I keep the sim card for future use?

Yes, you can keep it for future use. But you need to pay monthly package renewal fee for all next months by refilling your account.

4. How should my overseas family & friends call my new phone number?

Your overseas family & friends should dial +86 (China country code) - your phone number. For example, +86 186 2122 0000.

5. How should I call my overseas family & friends using the new phone number?

You need to use our Global call card to call overseas. For more about international calling, see International calling rates & dial instruction

6. How should I call a local Chinese number?

To call local Chinese landline number, just dial the phone number when you are staying in the same city. But when you call other cities, you should put area code before the
phone nubmer (for example, when you are staying in Beijing but need to call a Shanghai number 64898888, dial 021 64898888).

To call local Chinese mobile number, just dial the mobile number. All Chinese mobile number starts with 13 or 15 or 18.

7. How many days should I order the sim card in advance before my arrival in China?

At least 2 days. 3 days or more is better in case any delivery delay occurs during bad weather conditions.

8. How to change to another Package type for new calendar month? Text below content to10010 ( free of charge ) to apply. (text content vs new Package Type: 3GXS66 - 3S66, 3GJB96 - 3S96, 3GJB26 - 3S126, 3GJB156 - 3S156, 3GJB186 - 3S186, 3GJB226 - 3S226, 3GJB286 - 3S286). For exmaple, if you change to Pacakge Type 3S66 for next calendar month, text 3GXS66 to 10010.


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