China Continuing to Adopt Android – But Without Google?

September 13, 2013 – 09:21
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In what can’t be great news for the Mountain View search giants Google, it would appear that China (The world’s biggest mobile phone market) is increasingly eschewing the Google part of Google’s mobile operating system.

How are they doing this? Well, Google has to authorise and licence all Android handsets manufactured in order to allow them to use Google services like the Google Play store – and Google monetises this through ads and app sales – meaning that Google don’t see a cent or a penny from the device (Android is open source software).

Also, these devices don’t send data back to Google, like other legitimate handsets. You see, your Samsung or HTC Android device constantly sends information back to Google to allow them to understand what you’re up to, where you are and the like – allowing them to tailor search results and the like to your likes, needs and social groups. Ben Evans, an analyst who identified this trend, said “Google receives no signalling information from these devices – it doesn’t know your location or handset type, all kinds of information it uses to improve its search”.

These phones are manufactured by tiny companies that are likely too small to be traced, and often sold by “backpackmen” – people who travel from town to town, literally selling phones out of backpacks. This means the likelihood of this trend stopping any time soon is unlikely – there is a huge demand for mobile phones in China, and the vast majority of the population has a very small disposable income.



Off-shoring Common Sense

2004-04-02 14:44:28 by GoneWithTheWorld

An article called Off-shoring Common Sense by Alan Tonelson caught pro-offshorers in an embarrassing situation that illustrates how deep the problem has grown. Excerpt:
Desperate to convince readers that sending [service] jobs to India "isn’t just taking American jobs, it’s also making them," Friedman uncritically cites an Indian businessman’s observation that many of the products used by his call center company are American: Compaq computers, Microsoft software, Lucent phones, Carrier air conditioners, Coca Cola-brand bottled water

O'Bagy, where art thou?: Can a 26-year-old be a Syria 'expert'?  — Daily Caller
But I can't help thinking we have gotten away from honoring the wisdom that comes with age and experience (traveling to Syria multiple times and reading books are not an adequate substitute).

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