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February 25, 2015 – 05:18 am
Nokia 1280 (first copy) in china mobile at cheap price : 1300rs

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Usa military pentagon rips off iraqi muslims

2010-07-27 10:23:04 by good-for-usa

those ingrate iraqi's gave their contracts to russia & china instead of america. the military industrial complex also ripped off the usa taxpayers two trillion in missing cash during thief bush/cheney haliburton reign. the iraq war was all about oil somehow. wall street speculators keep usa gasoline prices up to $3 a gallon when in reality it should be 99 cents/gal. all usa food prices etc is manipulated & ruined by past agriculture secretary under nixon & ford earl butz. thats why we have monsanto genetic engineered toxic food in usa

Apple Shipping Low-Cost iPhone to China Mobile  — Mac Rumors
Apple has asked Foxconn, its longtime contract manufacturing partner, to add China Mobile to the list of carriers slated to receive a new low-cost iPhone, one of these people said. It isn't clear when the phones would be delivered.

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  • Avatar sunny What operating system do Chinese mobile phones have?
    Oct 01, 2009 by sunny | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans

    I recently brought a Chinese mobile phone. There is this Indian company bringing these Chinese mobile phones to India and then branding them with their company logo and selling it as their mobiles. I want to know what operating system do these mobiles work on? Can I download software and install them in my phone, like I use to do with my Nokia?

    • To answer your last questionyes