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June 9, 2014 – 05:43 pm

A person make a call by cell phone Answer: You can buy one in China. Many well-known world class brands of cell-phone like Nokia,Motorola,Siemens,Sony Ericsson,Samsung,NEC,Philips,Panasonic,among others,are sold in franchised stores or large-scale emporia.

Can I use the phone I bought to make calls directly?

Answer: No. After you purchase a new cell phone,it will be necessary to have a Chinese SIM card inserted in it. With a SIM card,you own a local number,through which you friends can connect with you.

Where to buy a SIM card?

Answer: You can get a SIM card at any of the cell phone shops with a copy of your ID card. Usually,a new SIM card user is required to install a certain amount of money (100 CNY at most) in the card.
Three kinds of card will be served: China Mobile SIM card,China Telecom SIM card and China Unicom SIM card. You can choose any one as you like. Then,you will be given a list of numbers started with 1. The one you chose will be your cell phone number. The mobile phone number has 11 Arabic numerals usually beginning with 130,131,132,133,134,135,136,137,138,139,159,158 and 189.

A person make a call by cell phone
Does my SIM card which is bought in Beijing still work in Xian?

Answer: Most of the SIM cards in China are capable of nationwide usage. You need to activate the national roaming service. It will be much more expensive for using the card of Beijing in Xian.

How can I recharge if the money of my cell phone runs out?

Answer: You can go to the business hall of your carrier for recharging.Roadside telephone boothAlso,you can buy prepaid card. Usually,the prepaid card has the domination of 30 CNY,50 CNY,and 100 CNY.

Can I have my telephone bill and if yes,how?

Answer: Yes. Go to the business hall of China Mobile or China Unicom and you can print it our there.

If my SIM card has some problem,to whom will I turn for help?

Answer: You can call the service number of your SIM card supplier.
China Mobile: 10086 (24 hours service)
China Unicom: 10010 (24 hours service)
China Telecom: 10000 ( 24 hours service)
Both offer English service (press two after getting through). You can ask any question related with your phone and SIM card.

Answer: The charge of your call varies,based on the different SIM cards.
Basically,the local call is about 0.2 CNY per minute.
The long distance call is about 0.3 CNY per minute.

Can I use my phone to make international call directly?

Answer: No,you need to go to the business hall of your supplier to activate the service with your ID card presented. What's more,there must be 500 CNY installed at least.

What is the rate of international call?

Answer: The cost is up to your destination. It is strongly recommended to consult in the business hall. The staff will tell you to add certain number in front of your call. There are few service providers who offer international calling at low rates with high quality. In that way,it will be much cheaper.

Roadside telephone booth
Is telephone still widely used in China?

Answer: Yes. The phone booths and other public telephones can be easily found on the roadside,hotels,railway stations,airports and large-scale emporia.

How to use the phone booths?

Answer: You have to get a IC card which is sold in the newsstands or the post office. It has the domination of 10,20,30,50,100 CNY. Normally,the cost is 2-5 CNY less than the par value. With IC card inserted the phone booth,you can make calls.


100 million internet users in China

2005-07-07 14:41:35 by Interloper

And 358 million cell phone users.
Let's borrow some more money, shall we?
The number of internet users in China has risen above 100 million for the first time, according to reports in the country's state media.
Only the US now has more web surfers as young and old Chinese take to the internet in record numbers.
The figure is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.
China's economic boom is behind the dramatic rise as increasing personal wealth means more people are able to buy computers and go online.
Great Firewall
But the Chinese authorities are less in love with the net

Wake up!! Housing is a small part of it.

2008-09-10 00:15:51 by rayo

Housing is a bubble that comes around every 15 years.
Your president has near bankrupted this country on a completely imaginary war for no reasonable purpose of national protection.
Consequences are: no money left for zip, unless the remaining world economic powers are willing to buy the bonds for it.
Our children are economically screwed unless we have the courage to liquidate assets. We should now be discussing the best way of selling off our mobile home.
I'm thinking China might pay a good price for Alaska, and Japan has always wanted Hawaii

China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) (CHL): Buy China Mobile Before Apple Deal Is ..  — Seeking Alpha
It seems highly likely that China Mobile (CHL) will announce a distribution partnership with Apple (AAPL) in the near future. The evidence for such a deal has escalated recently and is getting substantive.

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