How to: Local 3G SIM card for visitors of China (China Unicom in Shanghai)

July 14, 2014 – 06:18 pm

At the time,I was shopping for prepaid data service for my cellular iPad.Not knowing what to do,I started by asking a dozen or so retail shops in the local neighborhood and received nothing more than looks of bewilderment.It turns out that China Unicom does offer a dedicated 3G data plan for iPad but this service is available at the official branch locations only—the Shuicheng Lu location did.If you are shopping for a regular voice service with 3G data for your smartphone,you may not need to make the extra steps of searching for an official branch and having to travel there.But if you want a tablet data plan,you do.

China Unicom offers two 3G data options on their SIM cards assigned with area code +186: ‘3G value pack’ (3G 套餐) and ‘3G web surfing pass’ (3G 上网卡).3G value pack targets smartphone users,and 3G web surfing pass is for tablets. You will find a detailed breakdown of their service offerings at took screenshots of their latest services plans (current as of October 2012) below. (I will provide an English translation of those two images at a future revision of this guide.)

Billing Cycle and Dormant Mode

Both 3G value pack and 3G web surfing pass are prepaid plans.

In the case of 3G value pack,you add credit to your China Unicom account and fees will be deducted,in advance,on the 1st day of each month.Keep in mind,though,that China Unicom’s billing cycle begins on the 1st day of each month regardless of the day on which you opened your account.This means that if you opened your account on May 29,you will be billed immediately a full month’s worth of charges for services between May 29 and 31,and a new billing cycle still begins on June 1.

For temporary visitors of China,3G value pack also offers an option to switch the account to dormant mode when you leave the country.Once enabled,your account is required to stay dormant for a minimum of 3 billing months.Dormant mode gives you the option to preserve your +186 number in China while you are away from the country and reactivate your SIM immediately upon return. You dial 10010 to change these options,and customer service handles requests in English,Mandarin,Japanese,Korean,among other languages that I no longer recall.When your account is dormant,a service fee of 5 RMB is deducted on the 1st day of each month.

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Jailbreak with redSn0w 0.8 and then use

2009-07-24 09:56:47 by FOOK-U-FLAGGER

UltraSn0w, this way when you get to your destination just pop a sim card,( pre-paid one!) and trust Asia has pre paid GSM frequency! I don't know why they keep saying it does not!
Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Beihing! they have GSM carrier! shit do you know how many millions of GSM cells they have? and the other shit! China Mobile has WCDMA which would be their new iphone version, China telecom is GSM!
Apple just started to cell iphone on their apple store, when china has millions of 2G, and 3G roaming on the street way before apple came to business

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