Smartphones In China, India And Brazil

September 13, 2013 – 09:21

BII_BRICs_ChinaDevicesIn a recent report, BI Intelligence interviews a half-dozen mobile industry leaders and entrepreneurs on opportunities in the BRICs,breaks down how mobile-focused companies can pursue those opportunities,analyzes key mobile statistics (smartphones,tablets,app downloads,app revenue) from the BRIC countries,isolates and analyzes the five lessons that are essential to any mobile project in these markets,and looks at a case study of a successful music streaming service focused on Indian and Bollywood music.

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Here's an overview of the 5 things to know before embarking on mobile projects in BRIC countries:

  1. The smartphone will be the main portal to the Internet for consumers in emerging markets. Already,in India,Web traffic from smartphones surpasses desktop traffic. One-fifth of global Web traffic is from hand-held devices,according to StatCounter,and that will only grow as mobile uptake proceeds in emerging markets.
  2. Don't ignore the feature phone: Market-leading apps are still keeping one foot in the feature phone market,and for an important reason: That's where the numbers are. Smartphone penetration among Chinese mobile subscribers won't end the year higher than 20%,according to BI Intelligence estimates.
  3. Work with carriers: Emerging market carriers hold the keys to two important aspects of the mobile business — network effects and billing. Billing is a challenge in emerging markets. Credit card penetration is low.BII_BRICs2Only carriers have the reach,systems,and technologies to draw payments from prepaid and postpaid mobile consumers.
  4. Follow the rollout of low-cost smartphones and tablets: Since many devices in these markets are purchased for prepaid plans without the help of carrier subsidies,price cuts instantly make tablets and smartphones more accessible to consumers. Smartphone prices in India have fallen 30 to 35 percent in the last three years.
  5. Understand Android's dominance and its limitations: Android is the leading mobile platform in all the BRICs. Android dominance presents a challenge for app developers and publishers since the Google Play store,the main Android app store,has not proved an easy route to monetization in emerging markets. In China,there is very limited support for Google Play. Worse,app store fragmentation on Android is an even more serious problem than it is elsewhere.


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2011-12-07 08:45:42 by UhNah

If you want an unlocked smart phone look for anything quadband it's going to be your best option for traveling light get one of their local services and you should be set try China Mobile or China Unicorn which are both GSM. The reason china doesn't have a large gps infrastructure is because they recently began putting up gps satellites in 2010 I believe so give them time and they'll catch up.

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    I have a spare AT&T Samsung Focus that is not attached to any data plan and does not have a SIM card. I have never used it before but am hoping to bring it during my stay in China (4 months), as I would like to at least be able to make calls and text in China. It is a quad-band phone and so should work in almost any country in the world, China included. That said, once I arrive in China I am not sure what the normal protocol would be. Would …

    • It does depend on the phone. Some phones will automatically detect you are in a different country. with this you definitely want to set up an overseas plan as the bill could be huge otherwise. Setting up the phone with a Chinese carrier is also an option.