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September 13, 2013 – 09:21
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For customers:
(1) The China mobile Blackberry personal mailbox is for the whole China Mobile network service. It is open for GoTone, M-Zone and Shenzhouxing customers.

(2) The service use terminal dedicated terminal for the BlackBerry.

Tariff Description: 98 yuan / month, 108 yuan / month

Standard Tariff

(1) 98 yuan / month: 30M domestic GPRS traffic, charges beyond the packages, domestic traffic in accordance with the 1 / M billing.
(2) 108 yuan / month: containing 50M domestic GPRS traffic, charges beyond the packages, domestic traffic in accordance with the 1 / M billing.

The above package is for China domestic use only. If you roam in other countries, the tariff is in accordance with China Mobile International roaming data

Billing Principles

BlackBerry personal mailbox services billing cycle is natural months, which means that through the month, any day of the opening month all costs are charged.

The cost of last month is chargd in next month. At the same time, customers can do several tariff packages change within a month. The final tariff packages as a fee basis.


China Mobile BlackBerry personal mailbox service is customers mail server receives e-mail, sent to a business in the form of the BlackBerry terminal, take

the initiative to push through an end-to-end secure connection. In addition to the need to bind China Mobile's 139 mailbox, customers can also self-bound other nine Internet e-mail accounts. The characteristics of this service is with real-time, safe, stable and active push.

Where to Apply China Mobile Blackberry Service
China Mobile Customer Service Hall in Shanghai

1. The salesperson must go through BOSS3.0 query to check whether the client has activated 139 mailbox. If the customer has already activated 139 mailbox, direct the customer to open the the BlackBerry personal mailbox service; otherwise, firstly to activate 139 mailbox, and then open the BlackBerry personal mailbox service.

2. After the salesperson opened the BlackBerry personal mailbox service for the customer, he or she can guide the customers to log in to the BlackBerry online personal mailbox service website ( to create a personal account

How to Get Blackberry Service from Beijing China Mobile

Beijing China Mobile Blackberry Service currently is divided BES version and BIS version.

Using BES service needs a dedicated terminal; to activate BIS service, log in in BIS website on the Internet, you need a computer to create a personal BIS account.


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Seeking Advice - Buying a Prepaid SIM card

2006-02-06 23:30:29 by EternalRecycler

Got a Samsung phone from a FOAFOAF that was apparently used in Asia - the numerical dial tones can be spoken in Mandarin Chinese and there's what looks like a Mandarin Chinese text editor built inside.
However, the SIM card's a T-Mobile, so I'm thinking this phone *was* used in North America.
I'd like to buy a prepaid SIM card for my own use, but I'm not sure about the things I should look for when I'm shopping around. I just know there are quite a few CL ads for PP SIM cards.
I'm not sure if my internaional phone would pose a problem in terms of compatibility with the North American wireless network

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    • From the reports I have received, the best chance of finding a real Blackberry in China is to check for the ones growing on bushes. But, I m willing to be proven wrong by the person(s) logging the two thumb downs.