Good news for Apple: Japan’s largest mobile carrier, Docomo, will start selling new iPhones

September 13, 2013 – 09:21

According to sources at the Nikkei, Docomo will start carrying the iPhone.

Docomo has been Japan’s leading carrier for perhaps a decade with innovative features and phones, but its lead has lagged somewhat in recent years, partially as a result of not carrying Apple’s iPhone. Last year, it lost subscribers to other Japanese carriers who did carry Cupertino’s iconic smartphone.

Gold iPhone 5S leak Still Docomo has perhaps 53 million subscribers, which is nothing to sneeze at.

And a new suite of Apple iPhones at varying price points could be just the ticket to goose Apple’s Japanese sales, which are already up $500 million year-over-year, and $600 million quarter-over-quarter — one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bad-news-bears last quarter for Apple’s international sales.

Docomo rivals KDDI and SoftBank already carry the iPhone, and they’ve been growing with it.

Now … if Apple could just get that pesky China Mobile deal done, its fourth quarter — and most certainly its first quarter of 2014 — will look very rosy indeed.

Rosy enough that Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald said yesterday the stock would rise to $777 within twelve months.

“In our view, Apple is on the verge of an extended product cycle that we believe will include a refresh of existing products, increased penetration within existing device categories and entirely new market opportunities, ” he wrote. “Apple’s iPhone franchise focuses on the higher-end of the smartphone market and thus the company has been unable to address approximately 60 percent of the smartphone opportunity with the latest, freshest iPhone offering. We expect this to change with the introduction of the plastic-encased iPhone 5C.”


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  • Avatar samurai What package do you suggest for my mobile?
    Sep 18, 2008 by samurai | Posted in China

    My mobile carrier is China Mobile.My package is an old one.I even have to pay when I receive a phone call. It steals me lots of money. I want a switch. I don t text much. I don t dial or receive long distance calls too much. What package do you recommend? By the way, I am in Hangzhou.

    • China has 2 mobile serivice company: China Mobile,China Unicom. They are both have one way charge bussiness. That s mean receive calling is free. Unicom s charge is much cheaper than Mobile s.But Unicom s signal is not good if you go to countryside. If you only stay city,I recommend you use Unicom s, I have been using Unicom s which charged by single way. You can buy SIM card(new mobile number) at local distributor or call 10086(China …