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An IME - Input Method Editor - is a tool for typing various languages on a computer or mobile phone. Android smartphones, like your computer, are highly customizable, and so you have a choice of numerous apps if you want to type a language such as Greek, Russian, or Chinese. For this review, I'm going to focus on Chinese - which is, after all, my remit for this tech blog - and evaluate some decent IME apps. I've used all of these apps over the course of my year as an Android user, but I don't have the facility to take screenshots so I've ripped the shots you see below from the Android Market instead (the images are positioned above the app description that it relates to).Five of the best IME apps...

Google Pinyin IME - () - Google's own IME add-on just isn't good enough. It's ugly - bordering on fugly - and doesn't have any stand-out features over the four other options I've listed. Also, it doesn't support 'fuzzy pinyin'. On the plus side, its Chinese (and English) text prediction is quite decent, and it has a useful array of Asian-style smilies/emoticons - such as ^^ - just one click away.

QQ IME / QQ??? - () - Oh, wait... Did I say Google Pinyin was fugly? Perhaps this app is the IME that has been most badly beaten with the fugly stick. Which is a pity, because the two keyboards (QWERTY and T9) work nicely, and its predictive powers are supernatural.

Sogou Input / ??????? - () - I'd rate this as the best-looking, freshest, and most fully-featured IME for Android. With a wide swipe to the left or the right, you can switch between a regular QWERTY, or a T9-style keyboard, which can be used for typing either pinyin or Chinese. From the T9 keyboard view you can also get useful keys such as '.cn' or '.html' URL destinations, and a range of emoticons. Sogou makes pretty much the best PC-based IME, so it's not too much of a surprise that their expertise has transferred well to their Android app too.

Baidu IME / ?????(????????) - () - Baidu isn't a strong presence on Chinese PCs with their IME - compared to Sogou - but they've gotten it right with their Android phone and tablet IMEs: it looks great, and juggles QWERTY, T9 and hand-written Chinese character inputs with aplomb.

Go Keyboard / GO?????? - () - The Chinese app dev team 'Go' make a lot of excellent and free apps, such as the gorgeous Go Weather, or the very adaptable Go SMS (which I love, btw), so I was expecting a bit more from their Go Keyboard, but it was a bit of a let-down. The keys look like a copy of HTC's Sense UI - which is a good thing - but all of the skins looked a bit unattractive and over-done to my eyes. The app supports a lot of other languages, too - unlike the three other apps here, which do Chinese text only - but, despite being Chinese-made, didn't give the best predictive results in Chinese, or match the usefulness of Sogou's. Perhaps Go should make a better-focused Chinese-only IME.


Fake gramophones

2006-04-01 16:38:00 by Joe_DS

It is well know, among antique phonograph/gramophone collectors that there are basically three types of fake gramophones advertised all the time on eBay -- one type is know as a Crap-o-phone. These machines are slapped together in India out of new and old parts culled from junked wind-up portables. A number of web sites describe these in detail --
In most cases, these are advertised as "reproduction gramophones," or "reproduction Victrolas,"--a misnomer, since all authentic Victrolas have an enclosed horn inside a cabinet

SK hynix expects fire-damaged China chip plant to be fully operational next month  — GlobalPost
The facility produces dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, used to store data on personal computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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  • Avatar Uday I want to ask if a chinese android mobile phone has the same features as there are in branded phones?
    Dec 19, 2011 by Uday | Posted in Mobile Phones & Plans

    I want to ask if a chinese android mobile phone has the same features as there are in branded phonesIf it can play that applications that branded phones can playI am not asking about its hardware qualityi think it can play all the applications made for android because as any computer or any windows made in U.S.A will work in same way as the computer or windows made in china

    • Most of them will Unless the device has a higher version of the os. Another problem is the processor. Some apps need a certain minimum speed processor. But other than that everything works fine. I had one called icon, was great but could not upgrade the os.