Commentary: why dual SIM card mobile phone is increasingly popular in China

July 29, 2013 – 16:28
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In recent years, in the Chinese mobile phone market areas, in addition to Apple phones, the phones are low high school appeared homogenization. Among them, dual SIM card mobile phone as bright spots in the selling point. Even ranked first in the international market, Samsung also chase up dual SIM card, recently launched a high-profile and China Unicom amplifier II, and achieved good market response. Previously, both in the domestic mobile phone dual SIM card respect performance. Why, then, dual SIM card mobile phone gradually increased?

First, with the current popularity of mobile phones on the market itself, the smart phone standby capacity enhancement, is the rise of dual SIM card one of the reasons. In recent years, both the thousands of smart phones or high-end business phone, both on the breakthrough in standby, and strengthen the power and application management function to ensure battery life and performance.

Second, at present, China has 10 million mobile users, but the three major telecom operators’ networks were mixed. China Mobile’s 2G network coverage is best, however, Internet speed unsatisfactory; China Unicom’s WCDMA network the world’s fastest, but the coverage hole lot; China Telecom 3G network coverage is best, but into a short time, many users still Unicom mobile number, Because China slow, reluctant to change the number of users, can only hope and dual card while online, which gives the dual SIM card provides a lot of opportunities. Dual SIM card generally related to two operators, the user can choose their service, so flexibility is relatively large, popular with users.

Third, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum and other chip makers in the “core” warfare intensified, reducing the dual SIM card mobile phone threshold. Previously, dual SIM card mobile phone because the high cost of technology, the price is relatively high, therefore, difficult to pop. Standby time of the upgrade, the mobile phone chips a big step forward. In recent years, dual-core, dual SIM card mobile phone, the price is even lower than the average handset prices even, thus greatly enhancing its value for money. Thus, the mobile phone manufacturers constantly influx dual SIM card mobile phone market.


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