Nokia 106 and Nokia 107 Dual SIM announced in China

July 29, 2015 – 11:34 am

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The just announced Nokia 106 and Nokia 107 Dual SIM join the Finnish company’s feature phone portfolio. Both phones support quad band GSM networks but the Nokia 107 also brings dual SIM support to the mix.

The phones have a 1.8″ 56k TFT display and measure 112.9 x 47.5 x 4.8mm. Internally you’ll also find an FM Radio,LED light that can be used as a flashlight.Nokia_106_Speaking_ClockThe weight of the Nokia 106 is 74.2 grams while the 107 weighs slightly higher at 75.8 grams because of the larger battery.

The battery on the Nokia 107 is rated at 1020 mAh which gives it 36 days of autonomy meanwhile the Nokia 106 has a 800 mAh battery pack allowing it to last 35 days on a charge. The Nokia 107 also gets a micro SD card slot which supports cards up to 16GB in size.The phones have been priced at $23 for the Nokia 106 and $25 for the Nokia 107 and will be available in Q3 in China.

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Part 2

2009-04-27 17:14:09 by InChina

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Although shanzhai phones have only been around a few years, they already account for more than 20 percent of sales in China, which is the world’s biggest mobile phone market, according to the research firm Gartner.
They are also being illegally exported, to Russia, India, the Middle East, Europe, even the United States.
“The shanzhai phone market is expanding crazily,” says Wang Jiping, a senior analyst at IDC, a firm that tracks technology trends

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  • Avatar Manoj Dutta How do I contact with a Costumer care executive ?
    Jan 29, 2010 by Manoj Dutta | Posted in Corporations

    I am using a mobile set made in china dual SIM . after few days my outgoing services of airtel SIM has been closed but incoming facility is going on why it happen?

    • 1. Go to the web site below. Select the appropriate radio button . 3. select the region in the drop down menu The contact number will pop up.