China Requires ID for Cell Phone Number

August 28, 2014 – 08:53 pm
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Under the proposed plan, China’s state-run telecom companies, convenience store owners and vendors who will gather and organize the information. As of September 1, 2010, owners and vendors—“who have been selling anonymous SIM cards”— will no longer be able to sell SIM cards until all they are trained to register citizens into the new system. It should be noted that the information collected will be organized at the time of purchase, rather than afterward. I wonder, however, how storeowners and vendors are being affected- in terms of lost revenue and disruption of their day-to-day business?

The article does not specify what kind of information will collected in order to identify a person in the new system. Will it be name, address, identification number, photograph, etc. or some combination? What kind of controlled vocabulary will be used? Regardless, the issue of privacy arises. Perhaps the biggest concern is that the system will allow the Chinese government to monitor citizens. Although the government claims that the system will reduce spam by being able to trace spammers, what if it is used to monitor all cell phone activity? For example, the system can potentially be used to find and punish individuals who send messages that have nothing to do with spam—i.e. messages that speak out against the government. I also wonder what else is being organized in the system besides identity and numbers. Will the government use the system to tag and classify those who are potential threats to society, causing those citizens to be monitored even more? Although China argues that this new system will clean up the current cell phone system, it is obvious that this system can potentially harm citizens. China can use the same system to monitor everything citizens say and send via mobile phones—not just spam.

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Android is full of holes

2010-11-10 10:29:58 by SinceFatMac

88 high-level security risks found in Android operating system
I'm sure the iPhone has some holes as well.
Has anyone seen a good security report on the iPhone?
In China mobile phone malware sounds terrible:
In the first week of September, about 1 million cell phones in China were found to have been affected by a new virus, one that spreads quickly by random and mass sending of text messages, according to State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV)

Live: Sensex down more than 250 points, snaps 5-day winning streak  — Firstpost
New RBI governor's action has been appreciated by rupee, and thereby equities, and now there are expectations that the government may try and match his efforts,” Dipak Acharya, fund manager at Baroda Pioneer Asset Management told Reuters.

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