New mobile-phone holder for Nokia 6303i and BlackBerry 9700 Bold

August 27, 2010 – 02:12

by Philipp Deppe | 28.August 2010

Mercedes-Benz will be offering a mobile-phone holder for the Nokia 6303i and for the BlackBerry 9700 Bold, designed for all vehicles which feature Mercedes-Benz Convenience Telephony – extremely easy to use and with an elegant design.

When clicked into place on the mount, the charging process for the mobile phone battery automatically commences, ensuring that constant use of the phone does not affect the charge status – even over longer periods. When the phone is in the holder, calls can be answered and made via the vehicle’s hands-free system. Integration into the on-board audio system ensures optimum sound quality and good comprehensibility in diverse driving situations. Connection to an external aerial also ensures optimum reception. The convenient download of all saved contact numbers allows the numbers to be shown clearly on the vehicle display and makes it easier for the driver to search for a specific contact. The phone status also appears in the display. The Nokia 6303i cradle has the part number A212 820 0351 and for the BlackBerry 9700 Bold the number A212 820 0751.

Source: Daimler AG

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2006-02-06 23:30:29 by EternalRecycler

Got a Samsung phone from a FOAFOAF that was apparently used in Asia - the numerical dial tones can be spoken in Mandarin Chinese and there's what looks like a Mandarin Chinese text editor built inside.
However, the SIM card's a T-Mobile, so I'm thinking this phone *was* used in North America.
I'd like to buy a prepaid SIM card for my own use, but I'm not sure about the things I should look for when I'm shopping around. I just know there are quite a few CL ads for PP SIM cards.
I'm not sure if my internaional phone would pose a problem in terms of compatibility with the North American wireless network

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