Wholesale Solar Chargers - Cheap Portable Solar Panel Charger

October 7, 2014 – 11:08 pm
Portable solar charger for smart phone, iphone, cell phone

  • Have you ever wanted a waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight portable solar charger for small electronics? Whether you're a backpacker, a survivalist, or just trying to preserve the planet so you can enjoy it outdoors a little longer, this is the project for you.
    The Solar Panel Battery Charger from ePathChina allows you to charge your device wherever you are. No power source is needed as this device will convert light into battery power for your mobile device. Simply direct the solar panels at natural light and the 3.7 V Lithium-ion batteries (1200-1400mAh) will be charged with enough power to keep your device running, such as MP4/MP3 Players or Moblie Phone/Cellphones. The output voltage of this unit is 5.7 V (350-600mAh). It can use as a portable charger when you travelling.
    Use a USB cable to connect the solar charger to your device to allow you to charge when you are on the move.

  • Source: www.epathchina.com

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