CECT K700 Chinese Dual Sim Mobile Phone

September 13, 2013 – 09:20
E2232, Lcd:1.8 , Brand:Blueberry, China Mobile Dual Sim, - Mumbai

There are a lot of these Chinese mobile phones hitting E-Bay and there is very little information about them on the internet, so I thought I would share my experience.

This CECT K700 is not in fact made by CECT. Its chipset is the MediaTek 6227, which is shared with the Anycool D66+ PDA phone. It is marketed by ZTC. Like I say, Google these and all you'll find is people begging for information and or drivers. There are no official homepages for these phones from what I can tell and no support.

So anyway, on to the phone.

The 1st thing to say is, due to the price (usually £100+), there is no reason to buy this phone except if you need to be able to run 2 sim cards at the same time. I do, this is why I bought it and to be fair it does it well.

When you turn it on it blares out it's opening music and it also does this when you switch it off. It can be embarrasing in public and I've not found a way to disable these.

The "PDA" functions equate to a touchscreen with crude handwriting recognition, but it's handy for selecting menus. Don't expect the functionality of an iPAQ or expect to be able to edit documents on this.

The MP3 player is "lively" and the inbuilt speakers are really loud, if a little distorted, I think there's an equaliser function which could help here. The Video player doesn't play MP4 as standard, the video files have to be converted. You don't get the software for this.

By default, there are no settings in the phone for E-Mail, MMS or GPRS data, you have to put them in yourself and it can be a pain. Chinese networks are the only ones in by default. As yet, I've not managed to get the POP3 mail part working.

The camera is 2 MegaPixel (no flash), but even in good light, the pictures pale in comparison to a quality camera phone of the same resolution. But they're passable, hey, it's a phone. The video recording is ok too.

There is a no browser. I can't even find a WAP browser. This is very poor for this day and age.

It has your usual features, calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, voice recorder etc. You can't sych your calendar with Outlook however.

The big glaring omission is T9 predictive text. It's back to multitap (and the 1990's) or using the stylus on the touchscreen.

You can't add any more games other than the one supplied from what I can see and it doesn't have Java. Or at least you can't install any more Java apps / games.

I seem all negative don't I?

In reality, I quite like the phone, when it's acting like a phone and not a portable media centre; the phone is good looking and tactile, the screen is big and brilliant, I quite like the touchscreen functionality, the dual-sim (both active at the same time) is well implemented and saves me lugging 2 phones around, I can expand the memory to 1gb and the battery life is ok considering the size of the screen and the fact it's running 2 network radios at once. (and you get 2 batteries)

In conclusion, for the sake of a couple of pounds extra, this could have been a great phone. If it had T9 predictive, the ability to add more Java apps and a proper web browser, I'd have said it's worth £100. But as it stands, it just doesn't compare with the main brands in terms of quality and functionality.

Source: www.ebay.co.uk

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Part 2

2009-04-27 17:14:09 by InChina

After years of making fake luxury bags and cheap DVDs, they are capturing market share from the world’s biggest mobile phone makers.
Although shanzhai phones have only been around a few years, they already account for more than 20 percent of sales in China, which is the world’s biggest mobile phone market, according to the research firm Gartner.
They are also being illegally exported, to Russia, India, the Middle East, Europe, even the United States.
“The shanzhai phone market is expanding crazily,” says Wang Jiping, a senior analyst at IDC, a firm that tracks technology trends

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