Where to buy Cell Phones? Ankaka wholesale shop is where to buy best Cell Phones and cheap Cell Phones at wholesale prices.

August 18, 2015 – 12:03 pm
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Can you please tell me how many square feet that this will cover ? [ANKAKA REPLIED] It is 130 (ft2)


I love it, but I do not understand how it works. All the other clocks need batteries. Is it the same way?Thanks![ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. This product needs batteries also. "


How can i change the video resulation ? It's recording at 640*480.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com and include your order number. "


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Where to buy Cell Phones? Ankaka wholesale shop is where to buy best Cell Phones and cheap Cell Phones at wholesale prices.

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All Ankaka's mobile phones are produced in High-Tech factories in Mainland China. All our cellphones are unbranded, unlocked and ready to use in GSM networks worldwide.

With a growing supply of Chinese manufacturers and mobile shops in China looking for eBay traders to sell their products, Ankaka’s Mobile Phones make an excellent item to resell.

A guaranteed great seller for your gadget shop or ebay reselling: new to the market are Watch Mobile Phones. Whether you think of them as a futuristic communication, fashion accessories or just a cool geek gadget, you're sure to be impressed by the massive array of functions packed into such a small gizmo.

Ankaka's Wholesale Cell Phones category is a one-stop shop for high quality and uniquely styled wholesale priced cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Where to buy Cell Phones? Ankaka wholesale shop is where to buy best Cell Phones and cheap Cell Phones at wholesale prices.

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Off-shoring Common Sense

2004-04-02 14:44:28 by GoneWithTheWorld

An article called Off-shoring Common Sense by Alan Tonelson caught pro-offshorers in an embarrassing situation that illustrates how deep the problem has grown. Excerpt:
Desperate to convince readers that sending [service] jobs to India "isn’t just taking American jobs, it’s also making them," Friedman uncritically cites an Indian businessman’s observation that many of the products used by his call center company are American: Compaq computers, Microsoft software, Lucent phones, Carrier air conditioners, Coca Cola-brand bottled water

O'Bagy, where art thou?: Can a 26-year-old be a Syria 'expert'?  — Daily Caller
But I can't help thinking we have gotten away from honoring the wisdom that comes with age and experience (traveling to Syria multiple times and reading books are not an adequate substitute).

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  • Avatar Bayern4Life Where can I find the directory of importers, wholesaler, suppliers for my online business?
    Mar 08, 2010 by Bayern4Life | Posted in Other - Business & Finance

    I need suppliers of consumer electronics & mobile phones that will sell to me at wholesale prices in the US, i have wholesalers from china but the language barrier is tough.

    • I did the same thing as you a few years ago. Honestly, if you google "China Wholesale" you will find some big suppliers on the first page results, all of them have good english speaking staff, this is my recommendation. However, you could look at s popular wholesale directory, like for example, and try to find some on there. But if I recall you need to be a member to really dig into their site data and that still would not help …