China approaches 900 million mobile phone users, India's market is the fastest-growing

December 27, 2014 – 03:46 am
The Frame: Images of daily life around the world Even if everyone and their dog in the US bought a cell phone, the total number of mobile users would still pale in comparison to China's. The country is on the verge of becoming the first with 900 million cell phone owners, according to stats collected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The number of mobile subscribers reached 889 million at the end of March, up 30 million, or a modest 3.5 percent, from the previous quarter. That would put China on track to exceed 900 million sometime in May. Just to put that in context, the US is home to 303 million subscribers, and there's not a ton of room for growth. China's wireless subscribers, meanwhile, surpassed the total US population four years ago. But, notes PCWorld, India remains the fastest growing mobile market with 791 million users in late February -- a 15 percent boost over the 687 million reported just five months earlier. Which will hit one billion first? Place your bets!


Off-shoring Common Sense

2004-04-02 14:44:28 by GoneWithTheWorld

An article called Off-shoring Common Sense by Alan Tonelson caught pro-offshorers in an embarrassing situation that illustrates how deep the problem has grown. Excerpt:
Desperate to convince readers that sending [service] jobs to India "isn’t just taking American jobs, it’s also making them," Friedman uncritically cites an Indian businessman’s observation that many of the products used by his call center company are American: Compaq computers, Microsoft software, Lucent phones, Carrier air conditioners, Coca Cola-brand bottled water

O'Bagy, where art thou?: Can a 26-year-old be a Syria 'expert'?  — Daily Caller
But I can't help thinking we have gotten away from honoring the wisdom that comes with age and experience (traveling to Syria multiple times and reading books are not an adequate substitute).

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